Hello - My name is Lee Sobel and I am a music promoter, literary agent and filmmaker. Music drives everything I do and first and foremost I consider myself a music fan. The first feature film I directed was released as “Rockabilly Vampire” and when I premiered the film in 1996 with seven bands from the soundtrack performing live it launched my career as a music promoter. To date I have put on thousands of events in clubs with as many as 1500 attendees but I love putting on shows in small bars too. I currently put on shows all over the country and always try my hardest to make these special events wherever possible. I invented something I like to call “the mini-festival” where all the bands match up by genre. This helps bands to build a support system with other bands of the same style and to give the shows more impact. It has also enabled me to get some very nice press coverage. For many years I put on swing dancing events and I’ve recently started putting them on again under the name Arcadia Swing. In 2016 I launched the Lee Sobel Literary Agency and have made a number of deals for music driven memoirs and biographies. As a filmmaker I directed seven low budget features and am now developing a music-driven documentary. For further info on all my projects, please email LeeSobel15@gmail.com